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Mikuni Chochin Photo Contest ’24


Post a lantern and win a prize!

Contest Date

May 19th - May 31st



Beginning of June

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receive miniature lanterns!

Mikuni Lanterns

During the Mikuni Festival, each neighborhood's unique Mikuni lantern decorate the town all at once.

It's like a "living lantern museum"

The festival was celebrated not only on the main street where large samurai dolls stood out against the wide sky, but also on narrow streets that could barely accommodate a single car through the lights of lanterns hanging from the eaves of each house. It's a special period where we can share joy.

The warm and sometimes magical light of the lanterns that greet the return floats, the sight of people preparing to set up large lantern umbrellas here and there, and the taut lanterns that line up in the early morning on the day of the parade.

Why not take a photo of your favorite “landscape with Mikuni lanterns” and share it with many people? We will create a web page where you can express the photos you have posted on a map and view them all.

Please join us in the project to create a new exhibition room at the lantern museum!

Learn about Mikuni Chochin Project

Japanese chochins, lanterns, are showcased in front of houses during the annual Mikuni Festival. All 43 wards have a different design that include eaves.

See as many as you can and join the photo contest.





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Contest details

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  • We will give miniature Mikuni lanterns to the 5 people who posted the most popular photos and to the people selected by the Mikuni Chochin Project (about 3 people)!

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  • Participants will receive an original Mikuni chochin smartphone wallpaper if they request one!

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Mikuni Chochin Project

The “long like a kimono belt” town hosts the Mikuni Festival every May 20th along its streets.

Facts about Mikuni Festival:

  • It is the most anticipated and symbolic event for locals.
  • Street vendors used to line the streets a stretch of about 2km. From Mikuni Shrine to Hirokoji.
  • In recent years only around... street vendors are concentrated in the area near Mikuni Shrine.
  • It is a festival of the entire Mikuni Minato area, a historic port town.


Various floats form an integral part of the festival. As they are paraded along the town, visitors can see different, locally sourced Mikuni Chochins, lanterns in front of homes.


Moving along the different wards means you get to see many of the 43 different designs gently coloring the streets of Mikuni.


The existence of each individual lantern is proof that the Mikuni Festival has been preserved by people in many wards for as long as 300 years.

Bringing Mikuni chochin to more people!

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